Machine Learning – The Same, but Different


Dr. Tony Lindsay
Director, STELaRLab, Lockheed Martin Australia


Machine Learning algorithms have made impressive progress, especially over the last five years.  They have captured the imagination of the media, and the public.  This talk will provide an outline of the machine learning phenomenon, discuss some of the challenges associated with software maintenance of such data-driven algorithms, and present some of the approaches that might enable the next generation of intelligent systems.

Speaker’s Bio

Tony Lindsay is Director of the Science, Technology, Engineering Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab) for Lockheed Martin Corporation. STELaRLab is Lockheed Martin’s first international multidisciplinary Research and Development (R&D) Laboratory.
Prior to his role at Lockheed, Tony was with the Defence Science and Technology Group for twenty eight years. His last position was Chief of the National Security and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division. In that role he was responsible for R&D programs supporting Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) ISR Projects including major surveillance acquisitions and intelligence programs.
He has held the diplomatic post of Counsellor, Defence Science, at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, and was Research Leader for Airborne Electronic Warfare (EW) R&D for the Royal Australian Air Force’s survivability programs. In 2006 Tony received the ADO’s highest award for R&D, the Defence Minister’s Award for Defence Science, for his leadership in enhancing the survivability of Australian Defence Force aircraft.
Tony began his career in EW, where his research included wide bandwidth photonic-based radio frequency (RF) signal processing, ultrafast sampling of RF signals, and development of advanced technology demonstrators for electronic support and electronic attack systems.
He graduated from James Cook University of North Queensland with a BSc double major in Physics and Mathematics, followed by a BSc (Hons) in Physics and a PhD in atomic physics.
He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and a Member of the Association of Old Crows.