Dr. Tony Lindsay
Director, STELaRLab, Lockheed Martin Australia



Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Tony Lindsay is an Australian expert in C4ISREW technologies and joined Lockheed Martin Australia after a distinguished career within the Defence Science and Technology Group.

He leads Lockheed Martin’s first internationally based, multi-disciplinary Research and Development Laboratory – the Science, Technology, Engineering Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab) – partnering with Australian universities and research organisations to undertake advanced research and development.

“I joined Lockheed Martin in 2016, because leading STELaRLab is a great opportunity to work with the finest minds here in Australia on programs that have the potential to lead the world. The establishment of STELaRLab is concrete recognition of the international respect for the standard of the research being undertaken in Australia, as well as the standing of our researchers globally.”

“From a Defence perspective, the Australian Defence Force’s AIR 6500 program is one to watch here. It is a leading edge program, unique to Australia, which will develop solutions to modernise and more closely integrate ADF’s fifth generation technologies. It’s a program that will provide a foundation for Defence’s capability evolution well into the 21st century.”

“Today we’re introducing bright young minds to the possibilities offered by leveraging Lockheed Martin’s vast global innovation and research backbone, and they are now actively contributing Australian solutions to solving real world challenges through leading edge R&D.”

Prior to his role at Lockheed Martin, Tony was with the Defence Science and Technology Group for 28 years. His last position was Chief of the National Security and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division. In that role he was responsible for R&D programs supporting Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) ISR Projects, including major surveillance acquisitions and intelligence programs.