Accepted Full Papers

  • Ewan Tempero and Paul RalphTowards using object counts to comprehend programs
  • Paula Rachow, Sandra Schröder and Matthias Riebisch. Missing Clean Code Acceptance and Support in Practice – An Empirical Study
  • Judy Bowen and Steve Reeves. Engineering Interactive Systems with Model-Driven Code Contracts
  • Adriaan Lotter, Sherlock LicorishBastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu and Sarah Meldrum. Understanding Code Reuse in Stack Overflow and Popular Open Source Java Projects
  • Tilmann Stehle and Matthias Riebisch. Application of Design Patterns for Structural Alignment in Software Porting
  • Victor Ribeiro, Daniela Cruzes and Guilherme Travassos. A Perception of the Practice of Software Security and Performance Verification in the Brazilian Industry
  • Daniela S. Cruzes, Martin Gilje Jaatun, Karin Bernsmed and Inger Anne Tøndel. Challenges and Experiences with Applying Threat Modeling in Agile Development Projects
  • Nor Shahida Mohamad Yusop, John Grundy, Jean-Guy Schneider and Rajesh Vasa. Preliminary Evaluation of a Guided Usability Defect Report Form
  • Eman Alatawi, Antonette Mendoza and Tim Miller. Psychologically-Driven Requirements Engineering: A Case Study in Depression Care
  • Austen Rainer and Ashley Williams. Using blog articles in software engineering research: benefits, challenges and case-survey method
  • Jim Buchan, Muneera BanoDidar Zowghi and Phonephasouk Volabouth. Semi-automated Extraction of New Requirements from Online Reviews for Software Product Evolution
  • Jameel Almalki and Haifeng Shen. Developing Cross-organisational Service-based Software Systems through Decentralised Interface Oriented Continuous Integration
  • Check Yee Law, John Grundy, Andrew Cain, Karola von Baggo and Rajesh Vasa. Evaluating an open learner model visualisation prototype tool with User eXperience metrics
  • Muhammad Yasir, Kevin Michael, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu and Sherlock LicorishFormal in the informal: A multi-level analysis of core Python developers’ Tweets
  • Mohan Baruwal Chhetri, Hien Luong, Anton V. Uzunov, Bao Vo, Ryszard Kowalczyk, Surya Nepal and Isuru Rajapakse. ADSL: An Embedded Domain-Specific Language for Constraint-Based Distributed Self-Management
  • Shenghui Gu, Guoping Rong, He Zhang and Dong Shao. How is Logging Practice Implemented in Open Source Software Projects? A Preliminary Exploration