Accepted Short Papers

  • Ahmed Abdullah, Heinz SchmidtMaria Spichkova and Huai Liu. Monitoring Informed Testing for IoT
  • Jim Warren, Ewan Tempero, Ian Warren, Anjuka Sathianathan, Sarah Hopkins, Matthew Shepherd and Sally Merry. Experience Building IT Infrastructure for Research with Online Youth Mental Health Tools
  • Maria SpichkovaAutomated analysis of the impact of weather conditions on medicine consumption
  • Sebastian Gerdes, Tobias Fechner and Matthias RiebischIdentification of Technology Features to Understand and Maintain Software Architectures
  • Liqun Sun and Zhi Quan ZhouMetamorphic Testing for Machine Translations: MT4MT
  • Georgia Greenheld, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu and Sherlock LicorishAutomating Developers’ Responses to App Reviews
  • Eman Alatawi, Tim Miller and Harald SondergaardSymbolic Execution with Invariant Inlay: Evaluating the Potential
  • Abdulaziz Alhefdhi, Hoa Dam, Hideaki Hata and Aditya Ghose. Generating Pseudo-Code from Source Code Using Deep Learning
  • Jens Dietrich, Francois Gauthier and Paddy Krishnan. Driver Generation for Java EE Web Applications
  • Fabian Gilson and Calum Irwin. From User Stories to Use Case Scenarios – Towards a Generative Approach
  • Izuru Kume, Masahide Nakamura and Naoya Nitta. Revealing Implicit Correspondence between Bytecode Instructions and Expressions Determined by Java Compilers