Hot off the Press Track

This track is a forum for presenting novel ideas and ground-breaking results that open up exciting research opportunities for the software engineering community. We particularly encourage students and early career researchers to present inspiring research efforts that push the boundaries of our field. This may include:

Ground-breaking results that open up new research directions in software engineering;
New perspectives that call into question long-held beliefs or conventions;
Bold visions of new directions in software engineering;
Novel interdisciplinary synergies; and,
more in general, “big” ideas that push the boundaries of current practice.

The track is intended to describe a well-defined idea at an early stage of an investigation. While a complete evaluation is not expected, papers should include preliminary results that illustrate the feasibility of the approach.

Hot off the Press papers should address the following questions:

Why is the problem worth exploring?
What is the potential for disruption of current practice?
What makes the approach original?
Is the proposed approach sound and feasible?
Has the relevant literature been covered?

Papers submitted to this track should not exceed 4 pages in length using the IEEE CPS format.

  • Paper Submission:                                    9 September 2018
  • Acceptance Notification:                          30 September 2018
  • Camera-Ready Submission:                    7 October 2018